Hi (: My name is Marina and I'm brazilian. I love Bruno Mars' eyes and Chris Brown's smile and yeah I'm their fan. It's good to see you here. I follow everyone back without exception.

I kind of understand for what Bruno is going through right now.. I mean, i lost my dad like 6 years ago and it was just  like my world had fallen apart in front of my eyes and there was nothing i could do about it.. It was and it IS the worst feeling ever ! I mean, i know it was not my mom n i’m so thankful to God that i still got her w/ me but i’m sure the pain is just the same or his one is even harder to handle than mine but the point is, please guys that has said really boring things ‘bout it . DON’T DO IT . You’ve no idea how hard it is to lose someone that meant the world for u ! And HOOLIGANS, keep giving ur support for him n his family cuz they really need this right now ! And about Bruno, I’m sure his is not okay right now and this thought just breaks my heart but he’ll be fine just like everyone here like me who already lost a parent. God will take care of him and his pain. Keep praying for all of them <3

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